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This is me

Hi, my name is Thomas and I'm curious! I am curious about knowledge, about opportunities, about love, people and life. I have a lot of balls in the air, wear many different hats and I love it. I believe in opportunities and I have a hard time accepting restrictions. I am passionate about entrepreneurship business and I believe that you have to be just that, to be happy in life.

entrepreneur CEO manager
knowledge-seeking speaker 

MENTOR curious DEVELOPER by heart

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I advise companies
about endless possibilities with new tech

I love understanding tech almost as much as I love using tech. When the tech-giants present new technology, my brain immediately starts to understand it and at the same time work out where to use it for my clients. I believe new technology can change and often optimize processes. In a fast-paced world, it is important for companies to understand the technological possibilities to act accordingly. 

As a Microsoft Regional Director, I get to inspire many companies about the newest technologies. I often introduce new features and possibilities, and together spend with companies, brainstorming endless amount of possibilities. I love this process and I love to present the awesome and innovative ideas. 

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